Multiply the Leads You Get From Every Event You Attend

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Save time and grow your business with strategic networking, maximize the impact of your message when presenting and turn your business card into a lead generator with the proven strategies you will gain at this month’s Experts of Influence ™ meeting.

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Business Growth ExpertsGenerating More Leads at All Events is the topic of this month’s Experts of Influence ™ workshop. Learn to be strategic in networking, presenting and designing your business card so you can communicate a message that impacts your audience to save time and generate leads.

Begin saving time and generating leads at this month’s GKIC Chapter meeting on Wednesday, March 21st held at LionShare Cowork.


Many business professionals attend a lot of networking events, exchange business cards and set up coffee appointment after coffee appointment to get just enough business to continue the time-consuming efforts of networking. Work smarter not harder, gain a proven networking system to begin implementing in your networking events and scale your networking results to grow your business.


Guest Presenter Fred Haley, Owner of ToastMentor will be presenting the key steps for professionals to use to maximize their effectiveness when giving presentations, speaking at networking events or hosting online sessions. Many professionals who deliver presentations leave opportunity on the table by not having a system. Gain the 4 Crucial Steps to Elevate Your Message and hit a home run on your next presentation.


Let’s be honest. How many leads typically have come from the boxes of business cards that you’ve given out through the years? Quit wasting paper and retire your business card from acting as a drink coaster and get your business card working for you. Learn an easy to implement tactic to make your business card great again by becoming a lead generation machine.

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Join driven business professionals like you to gain ready-to-implement steps and strategies to generate more leads, save time and scale your business at Experts of Influence ™


Market Disruption

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Ensure your message stands out, leverage your mobile marketing and generate more leads with the innovative and proven strategies you will learn at this month’s Experts of Influence™ meeting.

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Disruption is the theme of our February GKIC meeting. Learn to create a message that disrupts the noise and demands attention, adapt to the latest consumer trends affecting digital mobile marketing and gain insights on generating higher quality leads with strategic ebooks.

The market disruption begins at the next GKIC Chapter Meeting on Wednesday, February 21st at 6:00 p.m. located at LionShare CoWork.


When you aim to get amplified results, you need a message that will disrupt and demand attention. Learn the proven process to create a unique and compelling message that can not be ignored and will breathe new life into your business.


Mobility continues to disrupt the digital space. A typical mobile user in the U.S. now spends an average of five hours a day using their mobile phone, according to data released by analytics firm Flurry. We’ll discuss the best ways to up your mobile marketing game. Find out why an omni-channel approach is effective.


Guest Presenter Jessica Hatch of Hatch Editorial Services will be presenting the benefits of using an ebook as a calling card and/or a lead generation magnet.

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At Experts of Influence, you’ll be among people like you, who are driven to succeed. Come share ideas and discover new methods to save time and boost your marketing at the February GKIC Chapter Meeting.


Business Growth Strategies

Business Growth Strategies

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Learn more about these INNOVATIVE-AND-PROVEN business growth strategies to implement in 2018. You can waste time chasing business with traditional methods or you can employ the proven systems you learn at GKIC meetings.

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This month we’ll be discussing how to grow your business by doing less networking, repurpose your content to create maximum impact and how to stand out in your market with authority positioning. Join your peers for time-saving, action steps and strategies you can implement immediately at the next GKIC Chapter Meeting on Wednesday, January 17th at LionShare CoWork.

Experts of Influence

The magic lies not in spending more time but in being more effective. Many people have enough contacts to have more business than they can handle but don’t have time and strategies to follow up. We’ll give you the tools and quick strategies you need to get more referrals with less work.

You may have heard that you need to create dynamic content to attract new customers but as business owners who has the time to create so much content? In this session, we will discuss how to repurpose content you already have for maximum impact.

Those who fail to differentiate themselves, their product or service will get lost in their sea of competitors. Join us to learn the 5 key steps you need to position yourself as the leader in your industry attract better opportunities.You’ll also receive the proven checklist to follow.

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Gain ACTION STEPS AND STRATEGIES to save time and grow your business at the January GKIC Chapter Meeting.


Mastermind Roundtable Business Growth Strategists

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The Mastermind Roundtable Event will include:

• An interactive and empowering roundtable “mastermind” experience for each attendee led by leading Jacksonville influencers

• Award presentations to local influencers

Event attendees will benefit by:

• Meeting and connecting with like-minded influencers 

• Having a moment to share and promote their business and discuss a goal or challenge to mastermind 

• Gaining fresh business perspective and insights from other top influential business minds

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Create Lead Magnets

Lead Magnet Ideas For Attracting More Clients

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One of the biggest differences between business owners who are thriving and business owners who are barely surviving is the ability to attract new customers. Not having a system in place to consistently generate new leads makes for a stressful situation and often leads to otherwise well-run businesses closing their doors. A Lead Magnet is the answer.

What Is A Lead Magnet?

A lead generation magnet is an irresistible offer that you make to prospects of something that is valuable and usually free in exchange for their contact information—often their name and email address (physical addresses, phone numbers and other information are sometimes collected too.) The most important element of a lead magnet is specificity. Solving one specific problem with one specific solution for one specific
segment of the population.

Goal Of A Lead Magnet:

The goal of a lead magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads who see your offer for your product or service. Get them to raise their hand and say, “I’m interested in what you have to offer. I’m interested in your idea and what you’re selling.” Capturing people who are interested is important because the reality is the majority of people aren’t ready to buy at the time when they first discover you.

Why Are Lead Magnets So Effective:

  • It attracts response from exactly the right prospects.
  • It boosts the response to all of your advertising.
  • It gets prospects to willingly give you complete contact info when they respond to ads, mail, visit websites, etc.
  • When it arrives, it immediately sets you and your business apart by looks alone.
  • With a catchy, benefit-oriented title, it heightens interest in what you have to say.
  • It positions you as an EXPERT, not just another salesman hawking a product.
  • It creates the opportunity for you to sell in a vacuum – where the sole focus is on ONLY the info you provide.
  • It can establish credibility with supporting evidence, testimonials, and useful Information.
  • It sets the “buying criteria” in the mind of the prospect & points to YOU as being the very best possible alternative.
  • It sets up the next step in the process by explicitly telling the prospect the action they need to take NEXT.

Types Of Lead Magnets:

  1. Free Reports
  2. Checklists
  3. Cheat Sheets
  4. Templates
  5. eBooks
  6. Newsletters
  7. Webinars
  8. Videos
  9. Live Online Sessions
  10. Resource Guides
  11. Low cost or free Meals
  12. Exams/Assessments/Tests
  13. Lessons
  14. Treatments
  15. Products/samples
  16. Case studies
  17. Quiz-Survey

What Should Your Lead Magnet Contain:

  • The primary transformation you can enable in the life of the prospect – all due to the expertise, experience, and specific product/program/service you offer.
  • Your story – what you’ve gone through that makes YOU uniquely qualified to create this Lead Generation Magnet and the struggles you overcame to finally achieve the solution you needed.
  • A specific call-to-action – Now that they’ve gone through and reviewed the material you’ve provided, it’s important to let your prospect know what you want them to do next.

How To Create A Successful Lead Magnet:

  1. Be specific.
  2. Deliver one big promise.
  3. The offer has to be irresistible.
  4. Deliver immediate results.
  5. Shift their viewpoint.
  6. Create rapid consumption.
  7. Deliver extreme value.
  8. Write an awesome title.
  9. Create a strong call-to-action for your paid product or service.

Now Create a Lead Magnet for Yourself and put it into Action.

Content sourced from GKIC’s Magnetic Marketing Training.

How to Monetize My Personal Brand

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Imagine if you could work less, make more and have a blast doing it.

Does that sound too good to be true?

That’s what I once thought, but I know realize, it is only the fact that one believes something is “too good to be true”, that makes it out of one’s reach. Experts of Influence have an abundant mindset, bold visions and the attitude, expertise and drive to make their dreams a reality.

Right now there are many people living the lives of their dreams, not because it was handed to them but because they made it happen. If you truly want something in your life, define it and then make it a reality! Start now by taking immediate action.

The challenge people typically have is that they only can get so far with the existing knowledge they have. In order to achieve new results, you must acquire new knowledge and take new actions.

Our goal with Experts of Influence is to cultivate valuable insights, powerful strategies and time saving resources. We simply ask that you keep an open mind, respect other members and contribute value to the group.

In this online session, I will share business growth strategies, tips to increase influence and actionable marketing tactics.

Our first official meeting will be a Mastermind Power Session on Thursday, June 1, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at Unity Plaza. This meeting will be powerful event you don’t want to miss. You will walk out with many business growth strategies that you can apply to amplify your business. Save the date & register early while tickets are still available as we expect to sell out the event.

For now, get prepared for the event by getting in the conversation and beginning to elevate your game.


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